Company profile

RMS is a utility solutions provider that has developed metering and data acquisition management skills, systems and technologies required to solve complex utility management problems. Our core service is to provide accurate measurement, billing and recovery of utilities and focus on continuously developing more efficient and cost effective ways to do this.

RMS provides holistic and sustainable utility recovery and payment solutions to the investment property industry. Through continuous development and technology investment, we provide more value than any other service model in the market. Our investments enable us to provide superior solutions at lower cost, creating value. Maximise your income and minimise your cost with our proven, best value solutions.

Our holistic approach enables us to understand our clients’ utility management requirements and provide a bespoke solution to more than half of the existing listed property funds within Southern Africa. We have the knowledge, skills and expertise to solve any utility management crisis. Our current projects are groundbreaking and so advanced that the solution will become the benchmark for the utility industry in the future, demonstrating our position as leaders in the utility management industry.

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