Gated Communities/ Security Complexes


ismrt! is a division of Remote Metering Solutions that specialises in advanced metering infrastructure and post or pre-paid smart metering for residential gated communities and security complexes through the utilisation of Echelon and Sensus smart meters.

Our core business is to reduce complexities and increase efficiencies in the smart metering sector.  We focus on providing our clients (owners, trustees and managing agents) with the tools to enable them to manage the utilities in their complexes more efficiently.  Our service offering includes both water and electricity solutions that will reduce financial risk and loss not only for our clients, but for residents as well.

We have a technology partnership with Echelon, a world-renowned and reputable smart grid provider. A frontrunner in the European Smart Metering Awards 2011, 2012 and 2013.  The remotely upgradable software on these meters enables a product that is adjustable to the latest tariff changes and scales as amended annually by local councils and resource suppliers.

All of the above mentioned features are available in customised payment plans to fit each individual complex’s financial needs. We can also offer you access to our energy saving partners who can assist you with reducing your average utility usage through national energy and water saving incentives as supported by Eskom and government.


The benefits of ismrt!

For Owners, Managing Agents and Trustees:

  • Enable access control to utilities resulting in reduced bad debt & arrears payments by tenants;
  • Should you experience variances between your council bill and what you have actually consumed according to your bulk meter we will resolve the issue on your behalf;
  • More time and resources to spend on management due to less time spent on resident queries now handled by the ismrt! help desk during office hours;
  • Water leak detection and electricity tamper detection;
  • Vending management with the collections paid over into your account in time for you to pay your council ensuring that you are in control. ismrt! will also pay your council account on your behalf should you prefer it.

  For Residents:

  • Transparency – View historical consumption in half-hourly intervals as well as your last 12 months usage.
  • Factual Automated remote Readings on full AMR systems – Not opportunity for human error.
  • Control – Unrestricted access to statements, invoices and payment history
  • Convenience – Top-up your account via your cell phone or internet; Get notified when your balance is low and time to top up; No disconnections outside office hours, over weekends or during public holidays.
  • Tamper evident systems – A sealed electricity meter ensures that we are notified if tampered with resulting in fast response times to reduce losses.
  • Superior Service – call centre and 24 Hour Technical Assistance


Why you should switch to ismrt!

1) We are the ONLY UTILITY COMPANY IN SA that can manage ALL COLLECTIONS in a building daily, automatically, through a Resident’s Wallet.  The Resident’s Wallet is linked to the electricity meter, which functions as a prepaid meter. If the Wallet is empty or in debt, the electricity is automatically switched off.

Items billable to the Resident’s Wallet are (and not limited to):

  • Electricity consumed – billed daily
  • Water consumed – billed daily
  • Rent – Billed either once a month or daily
  • Sanitation – monthly account pro-rated to a daily tariff – billed daily
  • Refuse – monthly account pro-rated to a daily tariff – billed daily.
  • Common Area costs (electricity and water) – automatically accumulated, pro-rated and billed into each residents account

The brilliance of the ismrt! is, in its core, twofold:

  • No Pay, No Power. Legally. There is no delay in utility disconnections to non-payers.
  • Transparency regarding residents’ utility consumption and operational costs and immediate remotely implemented increases in line with annual increases on all utilities thereby reducing the body corporate/ trustees potential for under recoveries and resulting losses.

Our product automates management of previously problematic collections.  It is innovative ‘out of the box’ thinking that is modular and customised to each building’s requirements.

2)      ismrt! is a pay-as-you-use solution which offers you 100% consumption transparency that is directly related to your daily billing. Since most residential complexes allocate utility costs based on the area surface ratio (PQ) of the unit and not on actual utilities consumed, these costs are actually allocated unfairly. The ismrt! system accurately measures the exact consumption within each unit and therefore costs can be billed fairly.

3)      South Africa has realised the benefits of using a smart metering system.  City of Tshwane Municipality, City of Johannesburg Municipality and Eskom have announced the roll-out of smart meters to all high level users such as complexes, large individual households and businesses starting this year.  This initiative is set to be finalised by the year 2015.  Should your complex have old meters that can’t handle variable tariff structures, you will be faced with a bulk meter billing and a need for increased information to recover usage fairly since older mechanical meters mostly can’t accommodate variable tariff systems.

Your needs are important to us. We pay special attention to detail that matter to you and continuously strive to better our customer service in order to provide you with a value added solution.

Put an end to your metering troubles and contact us to find out more about our smart metering solution. It deserves 20 minutes of your time!

 Switching to ismrt! in 5 Easy Steps

ismrt! Process

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