Municipal Revenue Management

Practically all municipalities are faced with the dilemma of revenue management in terms of being able to account for what has been sold versus what has been supplied. RMS functions as a regulator between the municipality and the consumer, to insure that every consumer gets billed correctly and fairly.

We have developed metering systems to allow municipalities to improve revenue management, combined with switch-off mechanisms which ultimately results in better returns. We understand that communication is an integral key to revenue enhancement and customer satisfaction. Thus, our aim is to meet (and succeed) our customers’ expectations by providing them with transparency and control when it comes to their utility metering. RMS has tamper detection and tamper proofing devices that enable us to detect and eliminate electricity theft to diminish unnecessary financial loss. We will reduce wastage of electricity of which value will be greater than RMS’s monthly cost. Our in-house revenue management further allows for different financial aids and options, which ultimately results in a higher recovery percentage.

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